Why work for Mueller Water Products?

A Values-based Company

Mueller Water Products is a values-based company.  Our Core Values help us think, act and work together to benefit all of our stakeholders – from our employees who are our most valued assets, to our customers who expect quality products and service, and to our investors who entrust their capital to us. 

These Core Values are not an end in themselves.  Rather, they form the foundation of our culture, define behaviors required of us all and guide our decision making.

A Culture of Innovation

We encourage innovation, creativity and being leading edge.  Our pipe condition assessment technology, offered under the Echologics® brand, was recognized by Water Online as one of the top finds at the American Water Works Associations’ annual conference.  And our Intelligent Water Technology™ portfolio, which includes leak detection, pipe condition assessment, advanced metering infrastructure and remote pressure monitoring received the 2016 Best Smart Water Solution award at the third annual Smart Water Summit. 

We are focused on operational excellence, and our commitment to Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma encourages employees’ ideas in finding ways to improve how we do business.

An Industry Leader

The Mueller brand is the most recognized brand in the water infrastructure market, and our other brands, including Mueller Systems and Echologics, are also recognized for their leadership in quality, customer relationship and service.

Our history of leadership and innovation dates back more than 150 years, and many of the innovative products we’ve developed over the years have become industry standards.  And we keep going, driving change to anticipate the types of products or services needed to meet future challenges.

A Focus on Sustainability

Every day, we help to deliver safe, clean drinking water for millions of people.  We are in the business of sustainability, but it’s also an integral part of our business practice.  The importance of sustainability is apparent throughout the Company.  We see it in the more environmentally friendly types of products we are developing – such as composite water meters – to our use of natural resources in our manufacturing processes and to helping our customers address non-revenue water. Mueller Water Products is actively focused on reducing our environmental impact in key performance areas.  




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